Digicel Basic Applications

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Digicel Basic Applications

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:52 pm

Account Details

*120# - Check your credit
*129# - Shows your Number
*124# - Your service expiry date
*131# - Your Loyalty Points and Loyalty Credit is shown. This service charges J$1
*#06# - Your IMEI code (dont tell anyone this code)

Crediting Services

*121*cardvouchernumber# - Normal topup
*128# - CreditU - Send credit from your phone to someone else [*128*1876number*amount#]
*125# - TopUup - Top up someones account with card voucher number [*125*1876number#]
*127*1876number*amount# - CreditMe - asks someone to send credit to you


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